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Every customer is unique and do search a a perfect experience fitting its requirements. All requests are treated personally following the client profile to offer the most accurate selection of properties. It will fit the budget, location, taste and other special requirements that may be needed. A deep knowledge of the territory and the rentals proposed, are the keys of success for a full satisfaction of the client.

Concierge - Amarante LVA

Our team works hard to get the most original and exclusive properties in top destinations around the globe. All our villas, apartments, castles, riads and yachts are selected following strict quality criteria to guarantee the best rental experience to our clients. All the properties are inspected by our team members to ensure the property quality and meet our future partners personally!!!

Concierge - Amarante LVA

Upgrade your stay and let us do it for you. We offer complimentary concierge services in all destinations. During our properties inspections on sight we experiment and meet the most exclusive services providers. We than create an extended network with professionals in each location to provide our clients the most original and authentic luxury experiences.

Concierge - Amarante LVA

All the rental prices are dealt directly with the owners and match the best available online offers. We establish a deep collaboration with properties owners to get better deals and try to offer the most flexible price scheme during the all year. All clients also get complimentary concierge services and a personal attention to upgrade its experience.

Modern Villa Naxos
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Modern Villa Naxos - Naxos -


Boasting wonderful views over Kastraki coastline and Alyko cedar forest, this luxury vacation rental Naxos is ideal for a small family of four and a baby. The villa is located within a short drive from the village of Kastraki featuring a grocery shop and a couple of tavernas and its sandy beach spanning about 3 km. There are two bedrooms, a living dining room with a k ...